You say you fight to give us freedom
But often more than not this is abused
And the faces of a tired generation
have decided they are sick of being used
for the purpose of current declarations
Still the same, it'll never change until the end
Is to buy appreciation of the nation
To cover the mistakes you must defend
And you say there'll be a chance for evryone
to proptest against your calculated greed
But I can see into the future
Won't be long before the welfare
Send me letters telling me how much they need
And it's not been in my interest to please them
For the only interest rate to fall is mine
See a brand new generation in demanding
What you've been doing with out money all this time

People try living life at speed of light
Don't know why but I have to do the things I do
Give me ten, that's the move I give you five
People say it's the way to stay alive

So you see you have to be a schemer
If you wanna love the life you have to live
And it don't matter how much I earn
'Cos I always get my fingers burned
When the man gets down to his business
And I've been searching for a reason
Why I have to give it all up just when I want to get ahead
See I had to lose car, job, wife, dog and home
Debts and threats on the telephone
Maybe I should bust a move instead
Now we all know when we watch the television
Not confused between a puppet or conviction
Glued to the screen by a thousand shallow words of widsom
It ain't what it seems when it's a single sided system
Someone's got a hold on my living
So I'm gonna have to do the things that's fair
They got to justify for what I should be giving
Should I lie, should I steal or should I care
'Cos now I've got to scam