"Ruby Shoes"

The moon cast a shadow
On my bedroom wall
One silhouette not two
Nothing about this
Is familiar at all
Guess it's all what you're used to
I never pictured myself in this frame of mind
Maybe things will be different
When I open my eyes


But my name aint Dorothy
These aint ruby shoes
I cant click my heels anytime I choose
And fly away
That aint a tornado
Blowing out that door
Thats the sound of hi'm leaving
Cause he don't love me anymore
Ill just walk the floor
Oh but I sure could use
Some of them ruby shoes
Wish I could wave a wand
Like he waved goodbye
And change the lock on my heart
This is gonna drown on me
One tear at a time
If I don't stop it before it starts
Just sitting here wishing
Wont get it done
I know theres a road outta here
But I don't know which one

[Repeat Chorus]

Sure could use
Sure could use
Some of those ruby shoes