"No Sensitivity"

I've got my car we could go and sit a while
I know it won't turn over but we'll get somewhere just the same
I'm through talking
(it's the strangest thing, I feel safe when I'm lonely)
don't take too much
you'll get burned if it's all at one time
take it easy don't you get it?
it's just an expression
would you raise your voice every time a little dirt gets under?
cry if you want
(it's the return of no sensitivity)
you don't have to scream to say something that you honestly mean
the world won't turn without you
and I am amazed you're standing still
your problems, they aren't problems
be glad they never will
I'm taking my kisses back
I want my kisses back from you
when you hear those footsteps calling
it's O.K. if you don't answer
isn't it obvious?
I thought it was obvious.