"Unleash The Dragon"

Oooh, The Dragon
What I'm about to do
I'm sure nobody expected
But that's what I do
Y'all know me
Know me now?
I'm about to unleash the dragon
Uh uh come on

Here I come
Niggas hold me back
Tired of holdin back
I'm about to let the dragon attack
So get out my way
It's a new milennium
It's a brand new day

So bugged out niggas
Thugged out niggas
I don't really care yo
All my niggas
I'm about to let the dragon out
Na nanana nananana

[CHORUS (2x)]
Y'all niggas gonna make me
Unleash the dragon
I know you don't really wanna
Unleash the dragon
Niggas if ya hear me say
Shorties if ya hear me say

So what's the dragon
What's the dragon
It's when you're tired of
Holdin your style in
Niggas got me pissed like Lil' Kim
So I'm about to switch the industry again

So stand up shorty
Hands up shorty
I'm about to shake the whole land up shorties
We about to let the dragon out
Na nanana nananana

[CHORUS (2x)]

Yeah yeah
Ya yeah yeah yeah

[Beanie Sigel]:
I know y'all cats don't want mac to unleash the dragon
Catch me in all black underneath your wagon
Plasteek in a detonator
I can see you
And I see you on a respirator
Y'all cats all know how this one go
The mac rap gorilla with official flow
Any beef with my peeps then the pistols blow
I'ma lay back for now and let Sisqo flow


[CHORUS (4x)]

The dragon
Sisqo nigga what
Uh huh
I ain't thugged out
All I'm doin
Is lettin y'all niggas know
That I'm about to unleash the dragon
In the year 2G
(Unleash the dragon)
If ya wit me
(Unleash the dragon)
Let me see your hands up
Yo nigga what
I'm about to let it go
(Unleash the dragon)
I'm about to letcha know
(Unleash the dragon)
Over me
And you'll see